Trafalgar Square... At last!
OK, we didn't feel we could delay any longer. We have finally got Chris' night-time image of Trafalgar Square, "Nature Doesn't Do Bail-Outs" (please click to view it), into the Panoramic Cityscapes collection. The capture was made as long ago as Dec 2009(!) and we reported on it at length in the News pages of Jan 2010 and Jan 2011.

The problem was it's longer than usual proportions: To date we have always produced Chris' panoramas at a standard height of 40cm. The length of the image then being determined by it's proportions. Unfortunately this meant that any image with a ratio longer than 1:3.5 was actually too long to archivally window mount - given the dimensions of the largest archival mount board available.

Now though, following discussions with our framers and extensive proofing, we have a solution: Longer ratio images will be produced at 120cm in length and their height will be adjusted accordingly. Also, by rationalizing the lengths generally we are going to have a new set of ratio standards of 1:3.5, 1:3.75 and 1:4. In practice this gives image sizes of aprox 34x120cm, 32x120cm and 30x120cm respectively. Consequently, "Nature..." is at the new size of 32x120 cm.

These are, we feel, also of more manageable size for most private collectors - although, in the case of ultra high resolution images, a further limited edition run (of just 5) will be available at a much larger image size (but with accrylic mounting rather than widow mounting). These are typically for corporate collections / galleries. This is true of the Trafalgar Square panorama for example.

Oh, and another benefit of all this is that Chris will now be able to sign and edition the image itself - rather than it's mount.

New Images:
The catalyst for this development was a new panorama of longer proportions. "St Martin-in-the-Fields" was made - in London of course - during the Olympics. (In fact it was on the day that Mo Farah won his second gold medal).

The original intention was to make an image from St Martin's towards Trafalgar Square again but a temporary Olympic-related "media centre" on the north side of the square rather blighted the view.

The component images that finally made it into the camera were from a position on the other side of the church, in Adelaide Street. Clicking it's image here will take you, in a new window, to view it's collection page.

Two further panoramas - made in the Market Place, Brighton - are in the pipeline too and will be featured in next month's news page.     
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