New Images:
The two Brighton panoramas that we reported on last month as "in the pipeline" have now been completed. One of them has made it into the Panoramic Townscapes collection.

Made in Brighton Market Place it features a miscellany of figures passing the camera. A small version is shown here but it's collection image - with it's detail demos - can be seen here:
Market Place, Brighton (opens in a new window).

In addition, another new image has joined the Panoramic Landscapes collection.

This image too has been anticipated, in this case in the August News Page, after the lighting conditions on a first attempt failed to satisfy Chris.

A return visit to the location has now produced a new version - titled "Rackham Banks Gate". It has, as can be seen here, a far more dramatic sky. It has though - and this is explained in more detail in the Collection image - retained the figures from the original take.

Both these new images are sized in the new 120cm wide panoramic format.

News Archive - a revamp
We have pulled out the stops on updating the News Archive. The previously over-long menu selection has now been broken down year by year. This then presents thumbnails of each month's pages, then each month has navigation buttons to the preceding and following months (much like the Image Collections).

We hope this makes them more usable.

Finally, the other thing that we have been busy on is the completion of more of the 'commentaries' that accompany each image's collection entry.

A commentary will sometimes concentrate on the process of making the image and sometimes is more about the location itself - whichever we feel would be of most interest. Although, in truth, part of our motivation has been for search engine efficiency.

Anyway, those of all the Panoramic Collections are now complete and the Single Shot Collections are following on fast. To jump to a new example of the latter see "Low Tide and Fog at Deptford 1". (Opens in a new window).



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