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Happy New Year!

  Trafalgar Square - an update:
  It was a year ago this month - in the Jan 2010 News page - that we announced a major new cityscape panorama made in London's Trafalgar Square. Regular visitors have noticed that the image itself has not yet been added to the Panoramic Cityscapes collection.

At the time we reported that Chris was still "tweaking" it. Well, tweaking proved to be something of an understatement: He has been working on the image ever since, gradually making wholesale changes. It is now though, he assures us, aproaching completion. Consequently, we have updated last year's "In Focus" slide sequence to, in some cases, illustrate a few of the changes as "before and after" details. (See above).

Even now we still have some issues re the image as it is both of a longer proportion AND substantially larger than any other image to date - Chris' final file size is almost 8 GIGAbytes - giving an image length of more than 3 metres (and that's at 320ppi)! So the method of framing is still to be determined.

Exhibition news:
UPDATE: The Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Theatre in London - featuring Chris' image "London from the Barbican - Pre-Dawn" - closed on 16th January.

The next oportunity to see Chris' work on public display will be at the Battersea Affordable Arts Fair, in March. More details will be given in the February News page.

VAT - No increases
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