Chris Ledger came to professional Photography by way of a Fine Art degree in Painting. He sees digital imaging as a bridge between these two disciplines - a bridge that reconciles the spontaneity of photography with the possibility of a slower, more considered approach previously only available to painters.

With this in mind he has, for the last six years, specialized in minutely detailed, metre+ panoramic landscape and cityscape images which, from the word go, pushed current technology hard as large 40-shot "stitched" images evolved into still larger, minutely detailed 100+ shot ones. These, he increasingly found, allowed compositional decision-making throughout a protracted period of post production; repeatedly re-working the image - often over several months - until (or if) he feels it to be complete.

More recently again - since 2013 - Chris has re-kindled his fascination with "SingleShot" images; the most recent incarnation of which are monotone seascapes.

During this time Chris has exhibited regularly in both London (from the Barbican to the National Theatre and Art Fairs) and his native Sussex. (Fuller details can be found on the above Exhibitions page).

Recognition came quickly from the UK's Professional Photographer Magazine when they named him their Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year (Jan 2008). Since then he has also frequently had multiple images featured in Take-a-View's Landscape Photographer of the Year awards.

Chris' limited edition images have quickly become widely collected, both privately and corporately.

Increasingly over recent years Chris has divided his time between photography and caring for his 90+ year old father.

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