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All image prices are now shown on that image's Collection page
(via "IMAGE Collections", in the above menu) and are inclusive of VAT.

Please note the following factors regarding prices generally though:

Normally, the only additional charge - commissions apart - is for delivery. Where possible we deliver by hand ourselves as we find this to be the most reliable method - particularly for images framed under glass.

Normally we make only a nominal charge for this, typically £19.50 within South East England. Please enquire for further afield.

Gallery Prices:
The prices on this website are for buying directly from us. Galleries and Art Fairs are likely to charge more for Chris Ledger images, due to the costs involved in exhibiting. This is particularly true in London.

Finally, as a particular Limited Edition gets closer to selling out the price gradually increases (even on this site), thereby reflecting the image's growing rarity value. There is, therefore, an advantage in buying sooner rather than later.

As mentioned though, the current price is that shown on the image's Collection page.

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