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Buy / Ask illustrationYou can order a Chris Ledger Limited Edition image - or enquire about it - by clicking the right hand side "Buy or Ask" link  when viewing it via "IMAGE Collections" in the above menu.

The subsequent image-specific screen will explain all of the options regarding framing, the archival nature of the materials used and - if you are ready to place a firm order - will open a new window to pay via PayPal (No PayPal account necessary).

Delivery is normally within 7-14 days.

Alternatively, the same page has a simple on-screen form should you choose to first make a non-committal enquiry about the image directly to us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Then again, if you would prefer to make a more general enquiry right now - or one related to any of the issues covered in this "Sales Info" section - you can do so by ►clicking hereAgain, this is entirely without commitment.

Sales Info 4: How to Order   Page 4 of 4  


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