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Happy New Year to all!

  Work-in-Progress Focus:
  This month we are highlighting a new panorama in a bit more depth.

The image in question is a night-time one made in Trafalgar Square. It took two trips to London before Chris was happy with image capture. (For the re-take he particularly wanted to use a longer shutter speed to blur moving people and traffic). The result - after a lot of work - is shown, in minature, below right. The camera position is similar to that used for one of last month's "single shot" images. This version though has focal points right across the image; including the newly-lit Norwegan Christmas tree and the "Climate Camp" environmental protest. As illustrated ►here.

Trafalgar Square: Full size image aprox 75x305cm

Chris also made it using a longer than usual focal length lens for each of the component shots and thus 24 were required for the full 360º. He also stacked them four high (yes, making a base level of 96 shots) and consequently his final image file weighs in at 6½ GIGGAbytes. Even printed at 320ppi (sorry for the jargon) it would be more than three metres long! And yet, the static elements are remarkably finely detailed. As shown in the above "zooming" sequence.

Another consequence of the focal length change is that the image has a ratio of 1:4. This is longer than our standard image proportions.  As there are no areas that Chris wants to crop on this occasion it could be that we will be introducing a new 40x160cm image size for this one.

Once we've ironed out these issues - and Chris has finally completed tweaking - it will be joining the Panoramic Cityscapes collection.

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Chris Who? Bio update:

With the turn of the year we have updated the ►Bio page to incorporate 2009 events. Better yet we've also tried to clarify the older entires too. And updated the illustrations.    

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