New Images: Now...
One new image freshly landed in the Single Shot Townscapes collection is that to the left here, "NoNo Brighton". Please click the title for it's collection image - with detail demo. (Opens in a new window).

The actual capture was made at the end of last year but as several versions of the image were made it's taken a while for this particular one to rise to the top.

As the image commentary will explain, the title is a reference to the in-shot newspaper title, "NoNo", being local Brighton shorthand for "North of North" - meaning the wonderful knot of streets immediately to the north of the city's North Street.

...and Soon
Also in the wings (and on the right here) is a new image of the latest incumbent of Trafalgar Square's "Fourth Plinth", Elmgreen and Dragset's rather mocking (???) cherub-mounted equestrian rocking horse.

Having said that, Chris says that he isn't entirely happy with the current image and is looking at a re-take. Something along the lines should join Single Shot Cityscapes... in the course of this - or next? - month.

The last image that we have to report on is a new landscape panorama. Although, again, Chris is not yet happy. As he has told us:

"Having spent a lot of time working on puting the panorama together - and having got an image that I feel works well in terms of it's lines - I'm disappointed, on takiing a step back, with the rather flat light of it. That and the rather featureless sky".

Hmm... looks like another re-take is on the cards! For now though we're showing the current version here with it's Detail Demos as it is unlikely that it will ever make it into the main collections. [Update: See News: October 2012 for the final version].  


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