Technical Demo 7: Nowish  

For the last couple of years things have continued apace.

Whilst growing technical expertise has speeded up the panoramic processes generally, more ambitious images (particularly in the cityscapes and townscapes) have proved far more demanding of post production time.

So, notably, the below Piccadilly image took the better part of six months to complete (on and off) and another panorama, a night-time one first captured in Trafalgar Square in November 2009 (see the News: Jan 2010 and News: Jan 2011 pages) has reached 135 layers and more than 6 gigabytes... so far!

Update: November 2012. The Trafalgar Square image is now completed - at 145 layers and 6.7GB! It went live in September.

To view it in it's collection page please click it's title:
"Nature Doesn't Do Bail-outs".

"Piccadilly Circus: St Patrick's Day" (Taken: 15th March 2009 - the day of the parade to be pedantic. Completed the following Autumn).

To be continued...

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