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Piccadilly Circus: St Patrick's Day

Panoramic Cityscapes

Image Size 40x117cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £330 ...and Archivally mounted £375 ...and Fully Framed £495

Actually, to be pedantic, it was the day of the St Patrick's Day parade rather than St Patrick's Day itself and the crowds - particularly the Irish contingent - were waiting for the procession to arrive. Chris writes:-

"When making panoramas the exact positioning of the camera takes time as a small movement in relation to something in one direction will also have an impact in all other directions too. Here though I tried to set up quickly as I didn't want to miss the colour and characters that the occasion provided. Eventually the various elements seemed to be falling where I wanted them and I was able - like everyone else - to continue the long tradition of recording this, the centre of tourist London".

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