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This month's news centers on two new West Sussex panoramic landscapes. One on the South Downs, the other just below them:

Stane Street
It is more than three years since Chris made his first panorama at the point where the ancient Roman road "Stane Street" crosses the South Downs. Convinced of the potential of the location he has been returning there regularly (to make more...) ever since.

However, the location has not become one of those that features in these pages regularly (unlike Chanctonbury Ring and Rackham Banks for example) as he never really felt the resulting images made the grade. The location is great - he felt his images of it weren't!

Now though, the jinx has finally been put to bed with the latest effort, illustrated above. It's full collection image - with it's Detail Demos - can be seen here: "Stane Street".

For the record, the course of the Roman road is not the cross track in the foreground but rather is the sunlit grass bank beyond the stile at the right side as it heads off into the distance towards the out of sight town of Chichester. ("Noviomagus Reginorum" to the Romans).

Sullington Warren
The other landscape panorama, "Sullington Warren", is currently still in post production. Or, rather, there are three in post production - all made from within a few feet of each other, where a beaten track emerges from beneath over-hanging pines.

The difficulty, Chris tells us, is in waiting for one of the versions to eclipse the others...

Two of the three are showing here. As can be seen (even on this minute scale) one was taken a little closer to the the wonderfully lit tree roots that cross the surface of the needle-strewn ground.

All of the versions also have different "centering points", each using the broader, dappled trunk to divide the image up at different points across the picture plane.

Work is currently continuing. We should have news next month as to which (if any!) meet with Chris' approval.

Also, having first anounced the image "At Any Time" (see left) in the April news page, the image itself has finally been added to the SingleShot Misc collection.

See it here.

Image commentaries - in all these cases - to follow shortly.


Finally, Chris is visiting Washington DC this month - his first time in the USA. The hope is that he'll return with an image or two.     


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