Sussex Exhibition - now open
Please see the Exhibitions Page for news of Chris' new show in East Sussex.

On until 27 October, it includes the first showing of "Bluebell Woods, Sussex South Downs" >

< "ABOUT the Panoramas": A complete rewrite
As reported last month, the "ABOUT Panoramas" section of this site has been much expanded. For those that want a more comprehensive account of such issues as:

How Chris got into making panoramas in the first place,
Their impact on his working methods and
Why some run-down kiosks on Littlehampton seafront have played an important part...

there are now a number of pages that explain such things.

Although the final page is yet to be completed, you can view the others here.

New Images
Having just joined the Panoramic Cityscapes collection, this month's featured new image is the result of a new client commission at London's Barbican estate.

Whilst the location is another balcony there, this one is on Lauderdale Tower and, notably, is 26 floors lower than Chris' previous Shakespeare Tower viewpoint. Because of this the resulting image is radically different.

The clients, who are looking to move shortly, have kindly commented:
"Not only does the image that Chris created reflect a full panorama of the view from our flat, it also captures the very essence of the Barbican.  We shall look at it with very happy memories of our ten years here".               Charlotte and Peter Scott

If you have a commission proposal of your own please - without commitment -  enquire here   


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