22nd September update: Exhib opens!
Please see the Exhibitions page for news of the just opened new show in East Sussex.

New "Museum Pieces" Collection
As anticipated in last month's News page, the latest addition to the Image Collections is "Museum Pieces":
a collection of "single shot" images taken in the last few months in museums - to date principally London's Natural History and British Museums. One or two have briefly featured, in draft form, on recent month's News pages. Regretably though none are for sale as museums, as a general rule, do not allow this. (Sorry).

The image featured here was made at the Natural History Museum and is provisionally called "Stare Case" (►).

Other New Images
As the new collection suggests, Chris has been concentrating more on "Single Shot" work in the last month or so. (These things tend to go in cycles). Additions to Single Shot Cityscapes will also reflect this shortly.
As a taster, shown below is "Neon QE2 at the Gherkin".

Picture Business feature article
A special four page feature of the August edition of Picture Business magazine is "Photography is an Art Form!". It quotes Chris at some length on matters from the current state of the photography market, via the importance of archival quality, to the creative and technical development of his cityscape panoramas.

His "Welcome to Carnaby Street" image is amongst those illustrating the article.

"ABOUT the Panoramas": Revamp and Update
A complete rewrite of the "The Start of it" section of ABOUT the Panoramas (see above menu) is half done. In fact it is being substantially expanded to give a more comprehensive account of the development of Chris' panoramas to date. The new version will go live with the October News page.

"ABOUT the Single Shot Work" to follow

A whole new guide to Chris' so-called "Single Shot" work is also being discussed and has been pencilled in for release with the November News page.



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