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Take-a-View: Landscape Photographer of the Year
Two of Chris' images - both "Single Shot" ones - have been included in the just published book of this year's Take-a-View: Landscape Photographer of the Year awards. The event, launched by landscape photographer Charlie Waite, is now in it's third year.

Both of Chris' images, "BMX: Double Jumpers" and "Heavy with Snow - 4", were taken in the snow and ice of last winter. (Please click their names here to view them).

The book itself (shown opposite - with it's cover featuring Claire Carter's fine image of Llynnau Cregennen / Cadair Idris) is priced at £25 and is, err, " a bookshop near you". Now.

The exhibition of the awards - at the National Theatre on London's South Bank - runs from 5th Dec to 24th Jan 2010.

New Exhibition: Barbican Art Gallery: 30th November
Speaking of exhibitions, fuller details of the up-coming new Barbican Art Gallery "Winter shop" (featuring five of Chris' panoramic images) have now been added to the Exhibitions page. It opens on 30th November and runs until 10th Jan 2010.

New Images
This month's featured new image is one that has just joined the Single Shot Cityscapes collection. < "The Windsors at the The Mall, London" was made at the new memorial to HM the Queen Mother. It can be seen, somewhat larger, in it's collection page here.

Other new images include two panoramas that have just joined the Panoramic Townscapes collection: "Prince Albert Street" and "Ship Street" - both in Brighton. (And yes, we do realise that Brighton is a city...).

Collection Images: Display Update
With new programming code currently being written, the way that individual image pages display within each Image Collection of this site is changing. The new displays will include a "cleaner" look and unlike the collections to date, will allow access to the main menus.

Update: The new versions of Panoramic Cityscapes and Panoramic Townscapes have now gone live.
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