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Never mind the width - feel the quality...
One of the biggest difficulties that we have always struggled with here is conveying - on your computer screen - the minute detail that Chris' large panoramic images typically contain.

A few months ago we installed a "Detail Demo"  intending it as a one-off illustration of the phenomenom.  Now, following a number of client requests for similar demos of other images (usually ones they own...) we have now decided to adopt these as a regular feature of the image collections. An example is showing to the right.

As the demos are installed, a link will appear at the bottom of the image's large collection view inviting you to: "View IMAGE DETAILS here". [NB. On a small resolution monitor you may need to scroll down to see this].

8th Feb update: Roll-out of new demos is now complete for both the Panoramic Cityscapes and Panoramic Townscapes collections.

17th Feb update: With concerns about how a small resolution screen will navigate to and from the Detail Demos, we are looking at bringing the "hyperlinks" to the top of the pages. (Witness the ►test version of the Piccadilly Circus Detail Demo). For the record: We recommend a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 for viewing this site - preferably in "Full Screen Mode" via F11 (see above). 1920x1200 would be better.

24th Feb update: A major amount of work has been ploughed into getting this right. The March News Page (ETA 2nd March) will launch a seriously revamped Panoramic Cityscapes collection that address all of these issues. And will much improve the ordering process.

Untitled (Victoria & Albert Museum)

New images:
We had hoped to have a new draft cityscape panorama to reveal this month but the planned shoot day happened to coincide with some of the dreariest weather - and flattest light - imaginable.

Then again, the "Museum Pieces" collection ultimately benefitted as a rethink resulted in a full day's image making in the South Kensington museums instead. One such (made in the Victoria & Albert Museum) is opposite.

[Also FYI: Chris is still working on the nighttime Trafalgar Square panorama that we reported on last month...].

Battersea looms:
Chris' Barbican Art Gallery and National Theatre shows both finished in January. The next chance to see his work is at March 2010's Battersea AAF.

For details- and free tickets - please see the newly updated Exhibitions Page.


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