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Yellow Beach Huts - 2

SingleShot Seascapes

Image Size 36x54cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £125 ...and Archivally mounted £185 ...and Fully Framed £245

A low-angled winter sun can change one's view of a familiar scene. These gloss-painted beach huts at the end of the seafront at Littlehampton, were catching the raking sunlight in an unexpected way: Being arranged in two arcs the light is reflected at subtly different angles in such a way that as one passes by each takes unexpected turns at dazzling the eye.

On seeing this Chris went to some pains with the positioning of the camera so that whilst the nearer huts were - in part - beautifully highlit, all of the furthest one was actually incandescent with light.

Like a burning bush.

Shortly, the chance arrival of people and dogs subsequently enabled a more spontaneous mode to kick in as two of the people interacted.

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