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First Breakwater and Driftwood #2

SingleShot Seascapes

Image Size 36x54cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £125 ...and Archivally mounted £185 ...and Fully Framed £245

Recently (early 2013) Chris has been paying closer notice to the breakwaters (aka 'groynes') to be found on beaches. (And which are key to, in some cases, the beaches actually being there). There is, he finds, something particularly poignant about these man-made structures - constructed, as they are, to be as close to 'immovable objects' as possible. Ultimately, of course, the twice-daily assault of the 'irresistible force' of waves will prevail. This inevitability gives the subject, he feels, an extra dimension.

One strange thing re this image: The piece of driftwood wasn't present in the first shots from this point. After half an hour or so of making various attempts, the sea itself took to making a contribution to the composition when a wave delivered the driftwood plank directly to this position, right at Chris' feet! It was even angled in such a way as to catch the light. Bizarre...

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