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SingleShot Landscapes

Image Size 36x54cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £125 ...and Archivally mounted £185 ...and Fully Framed £245

Despite it's appearance in this collection, this image is not actually made with a single shot. Initially envisioned as a panorama it was made using the panoramic technique of multiple exposures. Subsequently though, Chris elected to crop it drastically - ultimately to the point where it was of "SingleShot" proportions. Hence it's allocation here.

It is also unusual, for a multi-shot, in that a shallow depth of field has purposefully been employed to limit sharp focus to the immediate foreground, notably the thistle and attendant wildlife. The distant South Downs (and passing cyclist) being allowed to blur.

The location is the escarpment path from Barpham Hill, not too far from Worthing.

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