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Chanctonbury Ring: Fading Light

Panoramic Landscapes

Image Size 40x117cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £330 ...and Archivally mounted £375 ...and Fully Framed £495

Chanctonbury Ring has, since that last image, become a favourite location. 17 months on from the making of it Chris returned to get a late evening shot from exactly the same camera position. He didn't time it too well though. As he explains:-

"It took a bit longer to get there than I'd expected and I hurried to set the camera and tripod up by reference to my then current business card, which featured a tiny version of the original image. The light was going fast and the fallen autumn leaves at the tripod's feet were quickly disappearing into the gloom. so I began recording the "down" shots first. Ultimately though all was well and I was subsequently amazed at the detail that I managed to retain in the under-tree shadows".

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