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As you are perhaps aware, we produce Chris Ledger's Limited Edition images to very exacting standards, using the highest quality materials. Large format Epson printers are used (with Epson's own industry-leading Ultrachrome inkset). The paperstock is the very finest Fine Art Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Pearl 360. This combination produces particularly highly rated archival quality images. 

In the interest of ensuring that we provide the image in the way that suits you best, we provide three mounting / framing options for you to choose between:

  • The most comprehensive option is Fully Framed
    For this the image is firstly mounted in a PH neutral, custom-cut, hinged window mount (usually of Arcadia mountboard). Chris insists on having absolutrely no cropping of the image so the mount is cut with its apature aprox 5mm larger all around than the image itself. With this sealed against dust with similarly sapecialist PH neutral tape, this is then framed, under glass, in a custom made, gallery style, black metal frame. The backing board / frame rim is then gum taped for "belt and braces" protection.
  • The second option is to have the image archivally window mounted (but without the frame).
    For this option the window mounting is the same as for the framing option but we then seal the mounted image with ascetate. This option is provided principally for clients that have a preference for a particular style of framing. (Perhaps to match other images that it will be joining?). The ascetate covering being to give temporary protection pending the client's own framing being carried out.
  • Image only (ie just the Limited Edition image).
    Some clients (notably galleries) prefer not to have any mounting at all so that they have complete control of how the image is eventually presented.  This option is also the only practical solution when ordering panoramic images for long distance delivery, as sending such large works works under glass is not really an option. In this case we can provide the image carefully rolled on a strong cardboard tubes which is, in turn, contained in a strong box that keeps the image safe.

        (Further guidance is shown in the "Technical Guide" (opens in a new window))

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