Chris Ledger came to Photography by way of Painting and Printmaking (BA Fine Art in the 1970s) []. The shift towards the camera was gradual but became a conscious move in the wake of images made whilst travelling in SE Asia [] in the eighties.

Back in London, whilst earning a crust as an archivist (and begining a long involvement in climbing []), both printmaking and photography simmered away in parallel [].

By the late 1990s, digital and Photoshop had come as a revelation [] and was the calayst that, later still, led to a move to Sussex and a (much belated) professional commitment. An initial City exhibition saw strong sales -esp to the legal sector.

2007/8: A new commission marked the start of a new obsession: Panoramic work. Critical acclaim for the results culminated just 10 months later when Professional Photographer magazine announced Chris as winner of the Landscape section of their ►Professional Photographer of the Year awards. Subsequent new commissions included a series of eight West End panoramas for major property firm Shaftesbury plc.

2009 has seen several large one man shows, notably at London's Barbican. Art Fair sales leapt ahead too (11 copies of one panoramic image selling in just three days at the Battersea Affordable Art Fair, for example).

As 2010 dawns Chris continues to work on both panoramic and "single shot" images. On-going projects include "Panoramas in a Confined Space" and "Museum Pieces".

The latest recognition of his work has been the inclusion of two "single shot" works in the Take-a-View Landscape Photographer of the Year 2009 awards. The associated book was published in November 2009.

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