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Arundel Cathedral

SingleShot Townscapes

Image Size 26x39cm | Edition of 100 | Prices: Image only £95 ...and Archivally mounted £135 ...and Fully Framed £195

It is perhaps quite surprising that a small town like Arundel should have a cathedral. (Isn't such a thing a pre-requisite for city status?). That it does have one and that it isn't even the dominant building in the town is all the more surprising - until one considers that Arundel is the ancient seat of the Dukes of Norfolk, whose impressive castle has also been here since the 11th Century. So both are prominent in most distant views.

In point of fact it is the cathedral that occupies the slightly higher ground - pretty much the highest ground - and as a consequence is, when viewed from closer at hand, not over-looked by anything in the immediate vicinity. And this can, in Chris' view, be a difficulty when it comes to making an image in which it is to be the principal subject.

However, this is where a low camera position can become a major factor and for this shot the rather forbidding appearance of the gothic bulk of the edifice is presented in tandem with 1) a nearby large tree and, still more notably 2) an old, rather overgrown wall that forms part of the castle grounds boundary. The latter being manipulated (by means of the camera being pressed up against it) to fill a substantial portion of the over-arching sky.

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