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Littlehampton Seafront in Winter

SingleShot Townscapes

Image Size 26x39cm | Edition of 100 | Prices: Image only £95 ...and Archivally mounted £115 ...and Fully Framed £175

Littlehampton is the nearest town to where Chris is living. He concedes that it isn't a particularly attractive place - or not in the conventional sense at least. But it isn't conventional attractiveness that Chris is concerned with in his photography and he finds the seafront of the town to be particularly photogenic - at least in the terms described in the previous image's commentary.

And perhaps this is all the more so "out of season", when the seafront's atmosphere changes markedly: Yes, the rides of the funfair are mothballed. Yes, the hatches are all battened down. And yes, the holiday-making crowds of summer are elsewhere. But... well, we think the carefully composed arrangement of this image (with its leaden sky, muted colours and solitary figure pausing in front of the silver slash of sea beyond) speaks for itself as regards the plus points. Rather well, in fact.

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