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Littlehampton Beach - Low Tide

SingleShot Seascapes

Image Size 36x54cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £145 ...and Archivally mounted £185 ...and Fully Framed £245

This stretch of beach, breakwater and headland are a local location for Chris. It is a view he keeps returning to. This particular shot of it was made on a winter's day of grey skies and dull light. Or was, just a few minutes beforehand. It was an occasion in which he'd been concentrating on closer shots of one of the breakwaters and it was only on stepping back up the beach a few metres that he saw how the stark silhouette of the same breakwater - when seen from further afield - cut a black angular saw-tooth into an otherwise subtly grey image.

He began adjusting position to make the most of this when the distant clouds parted to allow shafts of light from the still concealed sun to radiate across the distant horizon. He held his breath as some dimly seen dog-walking figures approached from the left: Would the light last until they got into a fitting position???

It did. And, to top it off, a gull (only just visible in this on-line illustration) swooped in at just the same moment.

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