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Flag and Gull

SingleShot Misc

Image Size 26x39cm | Edition of 100 | Prices: Image only £95 ...and Archivally mounted £115 ...and Fully Framed £175

The juxtaposition of picture elements is, Chris feels, critical in his images. Here he worked with:-

1. A static element: the ornate ironwork on Brighton pier,
2. A semi static one: the flag on it's pole and
3. A mobile one: the seagul.

In fact Chris reports that coping with the uncertainties of the mobile elements was made a little easier in this case as a series of gulls were repeatedly following the same path and crossing the pier at more-or-less the same point. So, after deciding on the best camera angle for the ironwork/flagpole (oh, and the just-glimpsed distant seafront buildings in the corner), it was a case of subtle adjustment and split second timing for the uncertainties of gull and wind-stretched flag.

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