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No Other Gods

SingleShot Misc

Image Size 28.5 x 38.5cm | Edition of 100 | Prices: Image only £95 ...and Archivally mounted £135 ...and Fully Framed £195

Some images are marginal when it comes to allocating them to a particular collection. This one was taken on the same occasion as "Unsprung Ambush", an image currently in the 'SingleShot Townscapes' collection but whereas that shot had a much wider field of view that included much of the town's street (St Ives in Cambridgeshire, as it happens), for this one Chris stepped in closer, framing much more tightly on the window itself. This produced an altogether different result.

That said though, the street is present. As Chris explains:-
"In taking these images I was struck by the bizarre dicotomy between the super-idealised advertising images and the, by comparison, mundane work-a-day street that they looked out at. By framing this one so tightly I was trying to combine the two (by way of the reflection in the latter case). Normally in this situation I would have focused on one or the other but by intentionally setting a very narrow selective focus between the two I tried to blur - literally - the distinction between them. A sort of dream-like amalgam of both".

In the end though - and the eventual title allocated reflects this - it was still the modern day advertiser's icons that that seemed to prevail.

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