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From Fairfield

SingleShot Landscapes

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[Continued from the previous image's commentary]
And Fairfield's summit wasn't the end of it either. Chris, completely entranced with the stunning effects that the rapidly fading light was giving, continued making images as he (very slowly!) continued. If anything the lowering sky became still more dramatic!

This image was made, he thinks (but isn't too sure, "Everything is a blur...") just a 100 meters or so beyond the summit. The view is southwards, towards the distant sheen of Coniston Water. Also just visible is Wordsworth's village of Rydal. (See Detail 1 of 3).

Chris writes: "The stunning light that evening caused me to linger rather longer than I ought and descent from the hill was a long, slow one. And pretty much in darkness.

But what a day!".

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