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From the National Gallery, London

SingleShot Cityscapes

Image Size 28.5 x 38.5cm | Edition of 100 | Prices: Image only £95 ...and Archivally mounted £135 ...and Fully Framed £195

If the previous image in this collection was all about how a tilted camera can produce dynamic angled lines, this one shows how a levelled camera can be used to divide an image into strictly vertical bands. It was made looking out from the National Gallery's Sainsbury Wing and is the view towards the mostly out-of-sight Trafalgar Square. Chris writes:

"A lot of left/right, forward/backward positioning tweaks were tried here and by those means the street light, Nelson's Column and seated figure were carefully placed within the broad closer bands formed by the window frames. Later - and unsually - in order to fulfil the visualised image the wide-angled lens distortions that slightly curved the uprights were corrected in Photoshop."

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