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The Funfair, Brighton Pier

Panoramic Townscapes

Image Size 40x80cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £275 ...and Archivally mounted £305 ...and Fully Framed £395

Having captured (unwittingly at this point) his first real panorama with the previous image, "Sky Sails", Chris moved onto Brighton Pier - or, more properly, Brighton's Palace Pier - and was immediately attracted to the funfair that currently occupies the pier's far end.

Whilst the fairground "furniture" - and partucularly the two large horse-mounted figures were prominent in determining the location of the general camera position, the decision to set up the tripod as low as possible was in response to the presence of the serried ranks of wooden planks that form the pier's decking. Although originally to test the depth of field capabilities of the technique, it ultimately worked visually.

NB. The horses have been rearranged since.

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