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Sky Sails, Brighton Seafront

Panoramic Townscapes

Image Size 40x80cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £275 ...and Archivally mounted £305 ...and Fully Framed £395

As is detailed in "ABOUT the Panoramas" in the above menu, Chris began working on panoramic images in 2007. This image, made in the fine seaside town of Brighton, was the first that got beyond "testing" mode. As he explained later:

"The sail-like structures on this building were very striking and, considering the extreme wide-angled perspective that the new technique was giving me I was interested to see how the sails that projected over the camera position (and were visible in the "up" shots looking in the opposite direction) would come out in the stitched image. I imagined an effect like teeth projecting down along the top edge... In the end it wasn't quite like that but, never-the-less, the result was very pleasing".

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