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Stane Street

Panoramic Landscapes

Image Size 36x100cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £265 ...and Archivally mounted £315 ...and Fully Framed £450

When Romans left Britain in 410 AD they were as far removed from their arrival in 43 AD as we are now from the English Civil War. In that time they are thought to have constructed 2000 miles of paved roadways linking the main population centres. More remarkable yet is that the majority of this network is thought to have been completed in the first 150 years of occupation.

This image is made at the point that one of those roads, Stane Street, crosses the South Downs: adjacent to Bignor Hill. It is a spot at which Chris has attempted to make a panorama several times. Unsuccessfully, he felt...

Until this effort, from beneath some track-side trees.

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