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High Sweden Bridge

Panoramic Landscapes

Image Size 36x108cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £275 ...and Archivally mounted £325 ...and Fully Framed £465

As an extremely detailed image this image is also available in an edition of 5 at 80x240cm. Please enquire via the 'Buy or Ask' button.

If Chris' first Lakeland panorama was a long time in the coming (see the previous image) the second was quick to follow as it's component shots were actually captured on the evening of the same day. It's location isn't a million miles away either being on the fellside high above the well-known town of Ambleside.

The bridge itself is an impressively ellegant stone pack-horse bridge and is thought to be several centuries old. It's name betrays Cumbria's ancient Viking heritage, not that "Sweden" is a reference to the Scandinavian country per se but, rather, is a corruption of the Viking word "svioinn", which apparently identifies the location as a stretch of moorland cleared by burning. There's a "Low Sweden Bridge" too, lower down the valley.

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