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The Path to South Stoke

Panoramic Landscapes

Image Size 37x100cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £265 ...and Archivally mounted £315 ...and Fully Framed £450

Arriving in a place for the first time by foot is a pleasing experience. The village of South Stoke, seen here across the gentle River Arun from the footpath from Burpham, is something of a tranquil backwater. Generations of feet have troden this track, long before the road from Arundel (also on the other bank but unseen from here) was surfaced. That said, the road itself is a single track cul-de-sac ending in the village - so hardly a thoroughfare...

The peace is just occasionally punctured though because one mode of transport does continue along the length of the valley: the railway. The passing of the train however, merely serves to emphasize the ensuing quiet that quickly reasserts itself.


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