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Downland Tracks

Panoramic Landscapes

Image Size 40x117cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £330 ...and Archivally mounted £375 ...and Fully Framed £495

Chris writes: "Over the last two or three years I've visited this spot on the South Downs repeatedly, recognising that the junction of ancient tracks might make for interesting lines in a near 360 degree view. However, the exact camera position proved difficult and time and again each effort bit the dust.

With each attempt though I was refining the position and getting a better understanding of what it was that was attracting my eye in the first place. Eventually, on a day in which the light seemed particularly fine, I moved in closer to the old gate and undergrowth, hopeful that this might finally nail it.

The dog that happened past wasn't impressed. He quickly turned away, indifferent to my efforts. I quite liked that...".

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