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Seven Dials, London - By Night

Panoramic Cityscapes

Image Size 34x120cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £0 ...and Archivally mounted £0 ...and Fully Framed £

It was several years after Chris had made his daytime panorama at the West End junction known as "Seven Dials" before he finally managed to return - shortly before Christmas 2012 - to see the night-time possibilities of the location. Even then it was a week before conditions were right and this new version was captured.

As he points out: "In order to isolate the Seven Dials column itself against the lowering sky, I positioned myself further around the junction than for the original daytime one. I then took three separate versions as dusk advanced and the clouds rolled in. Later I worked all of them into three discrete panoramas - only to end up combining elements of all three in this final, definitive image".

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