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London from the Barbican: Post Sunset

Panoramic Cityscapes

Image Size 40x95cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £305 ...and Archivally mounted £335 ...and Fully Framed £435

Whilst this is another in the series "London from the Barbican" and is taken, therefore, from the same (very long!) 30th floor balcony, this one was made at it's opposite end. It differs again in that it uses two of the balcony's concrete pillars as a natural frame to limit the view to each side. Because of this Chris also used a longer focal length lens and this affects the way the image's perspective works, so that St Pauls and the London Eye, for example, appear rather closer.

For those that live locally: One copy of this image hangs behind the reception desk of the prominent block in the foreground, Lauderdale Tower.

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