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City Life: Cowcross Street, Smithfield

Panoramic Cityscapes

Image Size 40x117cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £360 ...and Archivally mounted £410 ...and Fully Framed £525

Smithfield has been a pivotal point in London for centuries. Famous now as home of both the ubiquitous meat market and St Bart's hospital, it was (more infamously) here that the Peasant's Revolt of 1381 had its difinitive moment when Wat Tyler was murdered by Richard II's cohort...

A mere 627 years later it was pivotal in another sence: It's where Chris set up his panoramic tripod head to make this view of the corner where St John Street and Cowcross Street converge on the market.

Interestingly, this was one of the first images where a figure slipped (unnoticed) into one of Chris's panoramas twice. Detail demos 2 and 3 reveal it. (In fact there's a second example here too - albeit a little less obvious. See Details 1 and 5).

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