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Aldersgate Street from the Barbican

Panoramic Cityscapes

Image Size 40x129cm | Edition of 50 | Prices: Image only £355 ...and Archivally mounted £410 ...and Fully Framed £525

Unlike the first balcony images that Chris made in London's Barbican (see later in this collection), this is from Lauderdale Tower, rather than Shakespeare Tower and at a much lower level. For this reason it gives much more emphasis to the street - Aldersgate Street - with it's traffic and people going about their business. Then again, this particular vantage point simultaneously has a view of the adjacent flat's private interior, (client allowing!) with its suggestions of domestic life.

As it happens, the Barbican towers are three-sided buildings so utilizing such an extremely wide field of view right at the corner of one leaves a degree of uncertainty as to how the foreground geometry will eventually appear. We like the lines of this one.

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