All of Chris Ledger's Limited Editions are produced using, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag® Pearl 320.  This superb paper, won the Technical Image Press Association ("TIPA") award in 2007 for the "Best Fine Art Inkjet Paper".

The TIPA citation reads:
"Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320 FineArt Paper is a natural white, OBA-free, pure cotton rag paper with a soft, smooth surface combined with the innovative Hahnemühle pearl coating. The paper features a high Dmax and a large colour gamut that enables the reproduction of the finest colour and black & white images. Due to the exclusive use of cotton rag this premium paper is extremely age-resistant and complies with the highest conservational standards".

2010 Update: The Hahnemuhle paper stock remains one the very best available and currently (March 2010) all of Chris' editions continue to use it. However, because individual images might suit a paper stock with a different textured finish, Chris is also experimenting with other, similarly highly rated, fine papers too. In particular the UK's Somerset Enhanced and the USA's Crane Museo Archival Matte. In cases where we prefer to use one of these papers, we will always explain this to clients.

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