The Arundel Gallery Trail
Following a successful Trail last month work is in hand printing and filling orders. As anticipated, deliveries are expected to all be completed by the middle of this month. That said, other website orders have followed the closure of the Arundel show (but unconnected to it) these we are also "pulling out the stops" on to achieve delivery by this month's end.  

The other feature of the Arundel show that was particularly strong was the number of commissions that were made - both for Sussex and London locations. Work on these is in train (but dependant on suitable weather, where that was specified). We will be in touch with you individually re these.

Coming soon: The Fulham Palace Art Fair
Following hot on the heels of the Arundel show Chris is returning next month with an exhibition of cityscape images at the inaugural Fulham Palace Art Fair in London. 

The show is open from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October.
For more details - and a complementary ticket offer - please see the Exhibitions page
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