Detail Demos... are OFF (by default)
Following feedback from visitors to this site, we have made a change to the way the "Detail Demos" (the sequnce of red-outlined image details that runs in the colletion views - see right) operate.

From now on, when opening an image from it's collection thumbnail, the image view will be uninterupted - ie. WITHOUT the detail demos running. However, the details can be switched back on by clicking the "Detail Demos are OFF" button below the image. Subsequent images will "remember" the setting and display according to your most recent choice.

Images for export:
It has emerged - following feedback from the recent Arundel Museum exhibition - that some prospective clients from abroad (specifically the USA and Australia, in this case) were disappointed not to be able to purchase a Chris Ledger panorama as the display labels in the show only listed two prices: "Framed" and Mounted".

In fact we can also provide all images (including the panoramic ones) "image only". That is to say the signed and editioned image can be rolled and securely packaged for shipping anywhere in the world. For the record, this is done by printing and editioning the images, leaving to completely air dry and then reloading the paper back onto the heavy-duty tube that Hahnemeule supply their papers in the first place. Their own box is also then utilised for the packaging thereby keeping the image surface well clear of the possibility of damage.

In fact, this method was successfully employed during the Arundel show to ship to both the USA and Switzerland. One client, in New Mexico, replied with the following:
"We finally got home yesterday.  We got side tracked in San Antonio and Santa Fe.  We were delighted to find the photo in perfect condition. Thanks for the care in shipping.  I know we will enjoy it very much.  It is a good addition to our collection of panorama photos".

If you too omitted to purchase because of our failing to make this option clear, please contact us. Should you choose to purchase now we will offer a 5% discount off the website price by way of a concession.

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