Fulham Palace Art Fair: 8-10 OCTOBER
The most pressing news for the beginning of this month is the imminent opening of the inaugural Fulham Palace Art Fair.

Chris Ledger Photography will be situated on stand No 1 - right by the main entrance. We will be showing a large number of images - both panoramas and single shot - with a particular emphasis on cityscapes.

The show is open from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October. It is located at the newly-restored Fulham Palace itself. For more details please see the Exhibitions page

Also, the Palace Art Fair's own website has other information regarding the exhibition at large.

11 October update: The (successful!) exhibition has now finished. Many thanks to all new clients.

New Images:
The dominant new image that Chris has been working on has been a new commission for another Piccadilly Circus panorama. Interestingly the client is the designer of the new traffic scheme just introduced there.

With quickly changing skies, Chris has been working on both a cloudy version (of which this is an early draft version): 



...and a sunny version (of which this is a more advanced draft version):


Since this we understand that things have moved on again with the latter image - including wholesale culling of figures and a re-centering of the image to an arrangement reminicent of the above cloudy version. An update - perhaps even the final image - next month.

Other work just under way includes a South Gloucestershire landscape panorama.
More news of this too next month.
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