All Systems Stop...
Unfortunately, Chris "did his back in" last month and, consequently, image-making has been largely off the agenda for quite some time.

However, he has managed to use his forced immobility to concentrate on the creation of new "workflow" systems - by which we mean he has written new computer code that streamlines the more technical aspects of importing images, preparing them for editing and so on.

Oh, and he has also further automated the production of pages for use in this website. (All this is in Javascript, for those that are interested in such things).

On the down side, this does mean that there are no new images to report on here.

However, we thought we'd take the oportunity to revisit a favourite image that Chris resurected for the recent exhibition in Arundel:

The above "Fog and Low Tide at Deptford - 2" was taken as long ago as November 2005 and, as such, is one of the oldest images to remain in any of the Collections. Please click it to go to it's sister image"Fog and Low Tide at Deptford - 1"  in the "SingleShot Cityscapes" Collection. The commentary divided between that image and this one (which are consecutive in the Collection) gives some insight into the circumstances surrounding their original capture.

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