Take-a-View: Landscape Photographer of the Year 2010
For the second year running two of Chris' images have been selected for inclusion in the new Take-a-View: Landscape Photographer of the Year awards. The event, launched by landscape photographer Charlie Waite, is now in it's fourth year.

Both of Chris' images are already featured in this site's collections (images made in the last five years are eligible for the awards). This year one of the two is a panoramic cityscape image: "London from the Barbican: Pre-Dawn". The other is the "single shot" image "Fog Over the Isle of Dogs".

The book of the awards, "Landscape Photographer of the Year - Collection 4" (shown right), was published on 31st October by AA Publishing. Hardcover. 224 pages. 175 images. ISBN-13: 978-0749567361. RRP £25. Jan 2011 update: Buy it more cheaply at Amazon!.

The exhibition of the awards - which is again at the National Theatre on London's South Bankis now open. Further details can be found on the Exhibitions page.

New Images
The new Gloucestershire landscape panorama anticipated in last month's News page - is now complete.

"All's Right with the World", shown here, was made at the fantastic churchyard viewpoint at the village of Oldbury-on-Severn

It's patchwork of fields, distant Severn Bridge and stunning (albeit fleeting on the day in question) light can be seen more clearly in its "Detail Demo" page here.

The new Piccadilly Circus panorama also featured (in draft form) last month is also now complete.

Chris has decided though that, as the  image is particularly client-specific - it being a commission that includes images of the client and friends - it will not be joining the permanent image collections in its present form.

He is concidering reworking a new limited edition version. If so, more anon.

Finally, a new panorama made in the Market Square in Arundel is also close to completion.
More news - and an illustration - next month. 
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