New Collection:
The expectation, announced last month, of a new-look to the SingleShot Landscape" collection has been exceeded: We have a whole new "SingleShot Seascapes" collection!

Not only is the collection largely composed of new images - mostly monotone ones - (some the result of Chris' recent experiments with digital versions of the old photo darkroom technique of "solarization") but the on-screen presentation shows it's images rather larger than previous "SingleShot" collections. Please click the collection title, above, to access it.

New Images:
As to the solarization, Chris explains:-

"I first used the technique 40 years ago as part of the darkroom training that was common in those days. It then involved re-exposing an already developing image to a fresh flash of bright light thereby converting part of it to give a positive / negative effect.  At that time Man Ray was considered the technique's Past Master.

Jump forward to this year and I stumbled across the digital version - and was rather loathe to employ it as it seemed rather a contrived thing to do. But then again the original process was contrived too...

Since then I've made a whole series of experiments with specifically taken shots. In the end the results convinced me...".

The example we are featuring here is the newly created "Spent Wave". (Click it to view its collection image).

Oh, finally: The original SingleShot Landscapes collection is temporarily closed whilst it too is being converted to the new-look, larger image format too. It should be back on-line by mid month.

8th May Update: The conversion now being completed, SingleShot Landscapes is now back on-line.

The other "SingleShot" collections are also being upgraded. Completion expected by the end of the month.

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