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The panoramic image made in the centre of London's financial district (and that we previewed last month) is now complete. Chris' spent much of the month reworking the image in various ways: notably experimenting with various crops and altering the figures both in the foreground and background.

The results of some of these trials are showing in the above sequence of draft snapshots. The completed image - in it's final state ["Er, I think", Chris] - has joined the Panoramic Cityscapes collection. See it - with it's Detail Demo -here. (Opens in a new window).

And now?
Chris recently managed to grab a few days in the English Lake District. He lugged camera, tripod et al over the fells with him....

The June News page will give details of what photography resulted.




[NB. Meanwhile, the Lake District image showing to the right here is an early "single shot" one made by Chris on Brown How, in Langdale. [Collection image link opens in a new window].    


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