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As promised last month, we are now able to show the work-in-progress Highdown Gardens image in somewhat more detail. A progressively zooming detail sequence of it is showing above.

Other new images:
To date Chris has concentrated on London and West Sussex locations for his his panoramic images.

The first to buck this trend has just been added to the Panoramic Cityscapes collection. Made in Cambridge, it shows the weir that is said to mark the point at which the Cam unofficially reverts to being the River Granta (the river's former name). Whilst a tiny illustration of the image is shown opposite, it's far more revealing "Details Demo" page can be seen here.

We have also added the long-awaited Trafalgar Square image, Nature Doesn't Do Bail-outs, to the same collection too - albeit in a "not for sale" state at the moment. (Pending a final decision regarding framing issues).

Update: Both these two images have since been removed again as Chris is not happy with the former and still working on the latter.

Exhibition news:

We can now confirm that Chris Ledger Photography will be showing - for the first time - at this year's Brighton Art Fair, in September. More details are on the Exhibitions page.  
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