A Call to the Palace  (Errr, no, not a knighthood...)
The possible exhibition speculated about last month has now been confirmed: Chris Ledger Photography will be showing at October's brand new art fair being held at Fulham Palace in West London.

With the Arundel Gallery Trail already scheduled for the last two weeks in August, this means two of Chris'  one-man shows in quite quick succession. So, we are planning to give each of the exhibitions a different emphasis: Mostly Landscapes and Townscapes at Arundel and mostly Citytscapes at Fulham Palace.

Please see the Exhibitions page for further details.

New (and Draft) Images
Also as anticipated last month, the current short break from exhibiting has allowed us to concentrate more on bringing you news of Chris' most recently completed work - and images that are currently in post production

Aldersgate Street from the Barbican

Firstly, a commission from a new client for another in the on-going Barbican balcony series.

This time the location overlooked the Aldersgate Street side of the estate and, therefore, produced an image that had a completely different look and feel to it. 

Only just completed, a reproduction of the final panorama is shown here. 5th May update: You can now view the image itself here in the Panoramic Cityscapes collection.


Several other new panoramas - both landscapes and cityscapes - are currently in the early stages of post production.

Their locations are as diverse as Parliament Square (an early draft of which is showing here) and Wepham Woods... 

Chris' usual process of culling all those that he conciders less than successful has already accounted for several however. [And counting... C.].


The other "new" image shown here is one that already joined the Panoramic Landscapes collection a couple of months ago. (?Que?).

"New", that is, in the sense that as it is so far unexhibitied Chris has taken the oportunity to reassess and rework it - notably removing the two prominent figures from the right hand side.

What was "Weather Front" has been transformed into "Sussex South Downs" and shows both the far distant silver line of the English Channel to one side and a sun-splashed patch of Wealden fields on the other. It is expected to debut at Arundel (see above). 

Finally on new images: The untitled landscape previewed last month has now been completed (albeit without the major cropping that was being experimented with). The Panoramic Landscapes collection image of "Downland Tracks" can be seen here.

About Now
The above menu's "ABOUT the Panoramas" sequence has, for some months, been somewhat out of date.

We are now glad to report that the "final page" (imaginatively entitled "Now") has finally gone live.

Naturally, both "Now" and it's description as a "final" page are misnomers. Consequently it is marked: "To be continued".

As, indeed, is this.  


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