"Off the Wall Retro"


Battersea AAF
15-18 March 2012

The latest exhibition of Chris Ledger images is on in London this month. Please see the Exhibitions page for details.

New-look Collections: The final jigsaw piece
It's been a while in the coming but the rollout of new-look collections is, with the re-launch of SingleShot Misc, now complete. As ever it is a launch with new images added too. In this case two in a series that Chris has been working on for quite a while: Shop windows - and the often surreal mismatch with what they look out on.

"No Other Gods"

Two such are also shown here. The first (see above) is provisionally called "Off the Wall Retro" and is perhaps a candidate for SingleShot Townscapes further down the line??? The other is the rather unsettling "No Other Gods" (see left) which attempts - by framing the window more tighly - to counterpoint inside and (reflected) outside.

Image Commentaries:
Following client requests, the other focus of our efforts this month has been to add greatly to the commentaries that appear below the various collection images. (ie via "IMAGE Collections" in the above menu).

The feeling is that they give some insight into either the thinking behind an image's making or the practical difficulties involved in its execution. In other cases the commentary may be simply an explanation regarding the image's location.

Whilst we have plenty still to do, a lot of gaps have now been filled.

Please let us know if there is a particular commentary-free image that you would like fast-tracking.   


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