Exhibition: 14-29 June 2014:
This month Chris is showing - along with Sarah Young, Sam Lock and Mark Charlton - at the 2014 Worthing Art Trail.

The Trail opens on 14th June at the newly opened Reginald Ballum, 83 Rowlands Road.

Fuller details are to be found on the Exhibitions page.

Work in Progress:
After finding oportunity to head north (albeit very briefly) Chris has been working on a new Lakeland panorama made above the steep Cat Gill path that rises through the woodland on the East side of Derwentwater.

It's a location he visited a year ago and his return was in hope of better light. As he remarks:

"In fact the light was no better this time than last - despite lingering for a couple of hours. Even so, the resulting image shows that the place has potential as the lines of the panorama are working well enough. It just needs drama!".

He is, in fact, treating this as a "testing the water" image. Another visit will be required.




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